Did a RTI replied expenditure on PM Modi’s food is 100 crores ? Lets Find Out

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For the last few days, Social Media is interested in knowing more about PM Modi and his personal food expenditure. Digital media now has an ample number of posts that have been uploaded on sites on the matter.

Claim: A post is circulated on social sites which claim, that PM Modi in the past 7 years has spent a huge amount of Rupees 100 crores on his food. 

Viral Text:  The viral text is in Hindi “RTI se khulasa, 100 crore ka toh sirf khana kha gaye humare fakeer sahab saal saal mein.

English translation: RTI has disclosed that PM MODI in his 7 years tenure has spent 100 crore Indian Rupees on food.

Many individuals took on their Twitter and Facebook accounts to post about it. Most of the people can be categorized as people who don’t like BJP or Modi government to some extent.


Every prominent person receives lash back from people, especially from the common people and also from the opposition. In this situation too people posted the above image and wrote captions from their side. By reading the captions we can easily understand that the person is criticizing Modi and his leadership.




Such viral posts are the easiest ones to spread hatred about any particular person or party. All the people who don’t adore or respect the prominent person and party believe such claims and begin spreading the hatred with more accusations on the leadership. These posts are most useful for the people who want to begin and spread propaganda against someone.





The claim that PM Modi spent 100 crores on food is Fake.

When we cross-checked the information we found that it is baseless, and there is no fine evidence to prove that such a huge amount of 100 crores INR was spent on PM MODI for food. We even went through the RTI site but again were left empty hands as there is no such statement made by them.

Adding to this we have found that RTI had released a document in 2015, consisting of information regarding PM MODI and all the kitchen expenditure done for the PM. This document clarifies that PM MODI has never used money from the government for his food and kitchen supplies.

Other fact-checking sites like ThelogicalIndian too had busted the false claim through their research and shreds of evidence.

Easy availability of the internet and abundance of free time it has become easier for people to spread and believe all the fake news. Not being enough media literate and lack of research leads them to trust and share fake information without any double-check. People need to start thinking twice before forwarding such baseless claims to protect themselves from the fake news trap.

Chinmai Tiwari

Spread the truth:

Chinmai Tiwari

Journalism student of Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, here to debunk the fake and reveal the truth.