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Assam CM did not compare Modi, Shah to Sholay’s Jai, Veeru as the viral message claims.

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A video is going viral on social media which claims that Assam CM compared Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah to Sholay Characters.

Claims: The caption with the viral video read, “शोले मूवी के माध्यम से आसाम के मुख्यमंत्री का सबसे छोटा भाषण जिसमे की उन्होंने सब कुछ कह दिया समझिये।” (Understand the shortest speech of the Chief Minister of Assam with the help of a reference to Sholay Movie, in which he has said everything.)
In the video, the speaker points out the alleged similarities between the current political climate of India and the plot of Sholay. Twitter and Facebook users have shared it heavily.







The man in the video is not the Chief Minister of Assam but Gaurav Pradhan, a professional speaker.

The Chief Minister of Assam is Mr Himanta Biswa Sarma, who looks nothing similar to the man in the video. Have a look for yourself!


Now, to find out who the man in the video was, we ran an InVID search. InVID is an easy-to-use video analysis and verification tool. We then did a reverse image search using the keyframes from the video captured by InVID. The reverse image search led us to the following tweet, here the speaker in the video is referred to as Gaurav Pradhan.

A google search with this name and a few keywords from the video led us to Mr Gaurav Pradhan’s Youtube channel. On his channel, we found a 1-hour-36-minutes-long video, a part of which is the viral clip. The video is titled, “समर्थ भारत मंच द्वारा नासिक में आयोजित बदलते भारत्त में हिंदुत्व का बढ़ता दाइत्व.”

Mr Gaurav Pradhan is a professional speaker. Pradhan, in the video, talks about “Hindutva in the era of the Internet and Social Media” as a guest speaker at an event organized by the Samarth Bharat Manch in Nashik. To begin his talk, Pradhan uses the analogy of Jai and Veeru, the iconic duo from the movie Sholay and compares them to the Prime Minister and Home Minister of India. He also compares the plot of Sholay to the current political climate of India. The viral clip is between 9:14 – 10:55 in the video.


Hence, it is clear that Assam CM did not compare Modi and Shah to Sholay characters while speaking about Hindutva.

Other fact-checkers like Webqoof, NewsMobile and Boomlive have also debunked this viral video.

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