Is he the President or a Governor ?

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A video is viral of a wedding showing PM Modi ji attending wedding of daughter of IAS officer TV Somanathan.

AAP Minister Somnath Bharti tweeted the video suspecting/suggesting the right most man wearing black vest to be President Ramnath Kovind ji

Also AAP man Ashutosh quoted Somnath Bharti claiming “This is insult to Indian republic. No president is so badly treated before cameras.”
He deleted the tweet though later but you can see the tweet by clicking on the image

According tho the protocols, President comes before PM, so these tweets tried to make the point as an insult to the President.


The man in question here actually is not President Kovind ji but is Tamilnadu Governer Banwarilal Purohit (The man in green shawl in the image below)

The was first debunked by Altnews.

You can watch the complete video here –


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