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The video of RSS members attacking senior citizen in India is actually from Bangladesh

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A video of an old man being assaulted and beaten up by few people has been viral on social media. Claims are that the man was beaten up by RSS members. This video has been viral on both Facebook and Twitter.


A Facebook profile named ‘Omar Abdullah upcoming CM of J&K انشااللہ’ posted this video on Facebook with a caption, “Agar thodi se bhi Insaniyat apke pass maujud Hai To is video ko share karna. Kya koi mazhab aise karne ki ijzat deta hai.woh bhi ik buzarak Insan ke sath. Kya yeh hai Insaniyat .. Yeh video dekh ke Dil khoon ke aansu ro Raha hai..Shame on you guys”.

This translates to, ‘If you have a bit of humanity within you, you would share this video.Does any religion give permission to treat  anyone especially elders like this? Is this humanity? After watching this video my heart is shedding tears of blood. Shame on you guys”.

This video has over a Million views, shared by 54 thousand and like by 13 thousand users.


Several other Facebook users also posted the video with a similar narrative.


A Twitter user named ‘Aman Khan’ tweeted the video with a caption saying “So this is going to be new normal in Indian society! #ShamelessBJP is only working on hatred! More than a dozen #Rss_terrorists insulting Old man of theirs’ father’s age! So #NEW #IndiaThatIsBharat #RIPHumanity #RevokeNSADrKafeel #SabYaadRakhaJaega”. This was viewed 24.2 thousand times and was retweeted around 120 times.


Another user named Yaseem Twitted the video with a caption of the similar narrative and garnered 440 likes and around 500 retweets.The tweet is archived here.


The claim is False. This incident is from Bangladesh and has been reported by Somoy News Tv on June 2. According to the news report the incident took place on May 24 and was titled ,”বৃদ্ধকে বিবস্ত্র করে পেটালেন যুবলীগ নেতা” which translated means ‘The old man was stripped naked and beaten by the Jubo League President’. The report mentions that the old man is 72 year old Mohammed Nurul Alam and the accused is the local wing President of Jubo League, Ansoor Alam.  The image in the report reassembles the man in the viral video.

 The original video can be found on YouTube uploaded by Risingbd.com on June 2, 2020 with the title reading “বৃদ্ধকে বিবস্ত্র করে পেটালেন যুবলীগ নেতা ” , when translated means “The old man was stripped naked and beaten by the Jubo League leader”. The description below said, “বৃদ্ধ নুরুল আলম, বয়স ৭২। একজন যুবক ওই বৃদ্ধ নুরুল আলমকে চড় থাপ্পড় মারছে। পরনের লুঙ্গি, গেঞ্জি টেনে ছিড়ে ফেলছে সাথে সাথে অকথ‌্য ভাষায় গালিগালাজও করছে। কয়েকজন যুবক সেই দৃশ‌্য মোবাইলের মাধ‌্যমে ভিডিও ধারণ করছে ও দেখছে। তবে তাদের কেউ ওই বৃদ্ধকে বাঁচাতে এগিয়ে আসেনি। মঙ্গলবার (২ জুন) বিষয়টি সামাজিক যোগাযোগ মাধ্যম ফেসবুকে ভাইরাল হওয়ার পর নজরে আসে সবার। গত ২৪ মে কক্সবাজারের চকরিয়া উপজেলার ঢেমুশিয়া ইউনিয়নের ৪নং ওয়ার্ডের ছয়কুড়িটিক্কা পাড়ায় মর্মান্তিক এই ঘটনাটি ঘটেছে।” This when translated states, “Elderly Nurul Alam, age 72. A young man is slapping the old Nurul Alam. He is tearing off his lungi and under vest and is also using foul language. A few youths are recording and watching the video on their mobile phones. However, none of them came forward to save the old man. The issue came to the notice of everyone on Tuesday (June 2) after it went viral on social media Facebook. The tragic incident took place on May 24 in Chokaria Upazila of Cox’s Bazar”.

Therefore this incident did not take place in India neither is it related to RSS but is from Bangladesh.


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