Is that Kejriwal on the Wall ?

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Is that Kejriwal on the Wall ? It does rhyme but is not true, it’s actually Kejriwal by photoshop which doesn’t rhyme at all.

It’s a clear proof that Photoshop is the most secular entity, it welcomes all with open hands, any religion, any political party.

And also a proof the “Bhakts” are omnipresent, they don’t belong to a religion or a political party.

The one who believed in this photo and shared it has a clear absence of Common Sense. 

– how is it possible ?

– why media didn’t show it?

– why PM didn’t notice ?

Truth: https://twitter.com/PMOIndia/status/879455064070303744


Fake: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kejriwalonlinesena/permalink/872975119530274/

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Spread the truth:

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