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Calm down, It’s not a burnt pile of Indian currency.

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A video is viral on WhatsApp which shows a huge pile of currency notes which caught fire.

The message accompanying the video reads “Cash Cash and Cash only. One of Tamilnadu Politician – Fire in his godown Today – Currency burnt is meagre only. But see the stash of unaccounted money.

A Pakistani Magazine “People Magazine Pakistan” also posted

According to reports, 4 Billion Euro’s found at a house in the Cameroon, Moscow. When police raided the house the owner’s wife was trying to burn the money but couldn’t destroy all of it in time! #NewsUpdate


The first thing to look for in this video was the details of the currency, paused at the moment where the currency are most close to the camera. The image below is a screenshot taken from the video which clears it’s not Indian currency.

Then reverse image further got us the truth.

This is a piece of art.


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