Images claiming to be 32000 years old Lord Narasimha Idol discovered in Germany are misleading

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A set of images of archeological designs are being shared on social media sites, declaring to show an ancient structure of Lord Narashima, the fourth type of Hindu God Vishnu, which was found in Germany.

All posts  are shared with same text which reads ;

“How Ancient we are? Bhagwan Narasimha sculpture found in Germany. It is determined by carbon dating that it is 35,000 to 40,000 years old. We can think by this how vast our culture was spread before history was distorted.(sic)”


The image was shared on Facebook by large number of users.





The Image has been shared multiple times since 2016 on various platform.


The found statue is not of Lord Narsimha

Nonetheless, it was tracked down that the  small figure in the case is known as the Löwenmensch, or Lion-Man and was found in a German collapse 1939. It is present on display at an exhibition hall in Ulm, Germany and is viewed as the most established type of zoomorphic (animal shaped) design on the planet.  Going with the photographs of the Lowenmensch are pictures of Narasimha idols from Indian Caverns and sanctuaries.

The structure was at first found as multiple components of mammoth ivory pieces in Germany’s Hohlenstein-Stadel cave in 1939, according to the Ulm Museum’s website, where it is all for permanent showing.

Upon doing a reverse search on the image on the right side, the images were found on on stock photo websites, which identified it as a Narasimha avatar sculpture at Badami Caves in Karnataka.

Clearly, the sculpture is not that of Narasimha, the fourth incarnation of Hindu God Vishnu. The sculpture found in Germany is of the Löwenmensch, or lion-man, a mammoth ivory sculpture that is believed to have been carved in the Ice Age and is on permanent display at a German museum. And the other photo, which is of Lord Narasimha, is from India and not Germany.

Deeksha Devadiga

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