Video of a man killing his wife and children in Rajasthan is falsely viral with communal angle.

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A dreadful video showing a woman and two children lying in a pool of blood and a man sitting beside them with hands full of blood is being shared with a misleading caption that a man named Ajmal Khan had murdered a Hindu family after they refused to marry their daughter to him. The viral video claims that the man Ajmal Khan had fallen in love with a Hindu girl and wanted to marry her. He went to the girl’s house but the family did not agree with their relationship. He later then killed the whole family.


The video has been up on various platforms with a caption – #क्या_खाक_DNA_एक_है! #भागवतजी! #DNA खबर राज्यस्थान में एक मुस्लिम अजमल खान एक हिन्दु परिवार की लड़की पर लट्टू हो गया और उसके बाप के पास घर रिश्ता ले के पंहुचा। बोला हम सबका DNA है। शादी करदो वरनालड़की के बाप ने उसे धमका के भगा दिया कहा तुम मुस्लिम हो, हम हिन्दु है और हम ये गलत काम नहीं करेंगे।और फिर अजमल खान अगले दिन हथियार लेके गया और एक DNA वाले हिन्दु परिवार के सारे लोगो को मार डाला।और अड़ोसी पङोसी बस तमाशा देखते रहे फिर कुछ ने उस मुल्ले को पकड़ा और पुलिस के हवाले किया। पुलिस DNA जाँच कर पंचनामा के इतर क्या कर सकती है? क्या हमारे भाई बहन बांधव यूँ ही मरते रहेंगे और सेकुलर राष्ट्रवादी तमाशा देखते रहेंगे! तालिबानी खतरे को पहचानो हिन्दुओं! सेकुलर नहीं, आर्य बनो, संगठित रहो, संघर्ष करो।


Translation: “Is the DNA the same? #Bhagwat Ji! #DNA News In Rajasthan. Ajmal Khan, a Muslim, fell on a girl from a Hindu family and reached her father’s house with a relationship. The girl’s father threatened her and drove her away, said you are a Muslim, we are Hindu, and we will not do this wrong thing. Then Ajmal Khan went to the girl’s house the next day with a weapon and killed all the members of a Hindu family. And the neighbors just kept watching the spectacle, then some caught the accused and handed him over to the police. What can the police do beyond the Panchnama by doing a DNA test? Will our brothers and sisters keep dying like this, and the secular nationalists will keep watching the spectacle! Hindus recognize the Talibani threat! Don’t be secular, be Aryan, stay united, fight.”

We found out that the misleading video was available on various social media platforms with a communal angle between a Hindu girl and a Muslim man. 


The video has been temporarily unavailable due to the graphic nature of the content. 




We also received the claim on our Whatsapp helpline number.


The video does not have any communal angle but is a domestic violence issue. 

While searching about the video, we came across a few comments where many users claimed that the incident happened in Rajasthan. To confirm the place of the incident, we ran a keyword search on google and found a news report by the Times of India on the same incident that happened in Rajasthan. 


Rajasthan: Man kills two daughters, injures wife, self. According to the report, a 30-year-old man stabbed his wife and his two daughters to death. They were rushed to the hospital and both daughters Angel (5) & Sanju (7) were declared dead. In the given report, the name of the man was mentioned as “Ajit Cheetah” and the name of the woman is mentioned as “Kavita (27)”.


With this clue, we searched for more reports on a similar incident on Patrika His hands did not tremble when he slit the throats of his two daughters! Injuring his wife with a knife, he got injured. According to the Patrika report, the incident happened in Kharwa town on 14th July. The Beawar Sadar police reached the spot after the incident was reported. Both, the accused and the victim are undergoing treatment. The police are engaged in the investigation of the case. The Beawar Sadar police station told Boom that the incident did not have a communal angle. “The accused Ajit Cheeta was going through a financial crisis and the couple was having quarrels. His wife had recently had a hysterectomy surgery and was bedridden and he was having quarrels with her over household chores. On July 14, he attacked her and killed his daughters,” the police told BOOMlive. “He is a Muslim from the Cheetah community, however, there is no communal angle to the incident. He told us that he was going through a financial crisis as he was unemployed and after his wife’s operation, he had to also do the household chores and after a quarrel, in anger, he attacked his wife and children,” added the police.

You can see the same man from the video in the photo by Patrika News paper



Another report was recorded by Dainik Jagran on a similar incident Wife and herself were injured after killing two daughters in Ajmer. The incident happened on the 14th of July 2021.

Zee Rajasthan reported the same incident on 14th July. No media outlet reported a communal angle but a case of domestic violence. 

According to the various reports, the accused belongs to the Cheetah Mehrat community Rajasthan’s Cheetah Mehrat community The community comprises both Hindus and Muslims. The police clarified that during the investigation, they found out that Ajit had Hindus in his family but he was identified as a Muslim. Since he was depressed due to pandemics and unemployment, he got upset and stressed bout the whole situation and wanted a son but his wife had recently gotten a hysterectomy surgery that prevented him from having more kids.


Later, Ajmer police had put up a statement that said the incident occurred on July 14. According to the statement, Kavita’s paternal family was informed of the attack but they refused to visit. The family has been upset with Kavita for over 10 years since she decided to marry Ajit. 

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Shriya Handoo

MA- Journalism student at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications.