Delhi MLA tweets a photoshopped image targetting Delhi CM with foul word.

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Vijendra Gupta, MLA Rohini, tweeted an image of a campaign poster of AAP.

He tweeted “AAP नेता केजरीवाल इतने बौखलाये हुये है कि @#$टू को वोट देने की अपील कर रहे है !”

Translation: AAP Leader Kejriwal is so frustrated that he is asking to vote for $%^&”

Translated decently, the Hindi photoshopped word loosely means ‘idiot’


The image tweeted by Vijendra Gupta is photoshopped/Digitally modifed

डू has been replaced by टू which changes the word and it’s meaning.

The shade of black of टू also is much darker then other letter beside it.

The Image containing photo of Delhi CM Kejriwal has text “Do you want to defeat BJP ? Then Vote only for for broom”

The broom is replaced by idiot meaning it’s calling him self an idiot.

Here is the original image –

Following are few more images from same campaign

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