A Viral post changes someone’s religion by falsely naming petrol as milk.

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A Video posted by रितेश मुखिया (Ritesh Mukhiya) has been shared by approx 2100 people and been seen by 57000. Along with the video he wrote – मक्का में मजार पर दूध चढाता ईरान का मुस्लीम युवक🚩 कहा मैं पहले हिन्दु था
Translation ” A Man from Iran poured milk on a mazaar in Mecca and said he was a Hindu before”

The video shows a man thew a liquid from a bottle on a black colored cloth.


While he claims it to be milk actually is Petrol. It can easily be seen in the video

A TImes Daily paper reported

The man was immediately held up by the crowd and was taken away by Cops.

The timeline of Ristesh Mukhiya who posted above fake news is filled up by religion and communal hatred.

He posted another fake news below. In recent unfortunate and painful incident of a Rape of a child, the man is from Muslim community.

People from the area from Muslim community took out a rally condemning the incident and asking for the accused to be hanged.

Ritesh posted a photoshopped image where the fake text read just the opposite i.e they supported accused and asking him to be released which was fake.

He wrote –

“देख लो रे
हिंदु मुश्लिम भाई- भाई का राग अलापने वाले दोगले हिंदुओं।
यह वही मुस्लिम है जो अभी 2 दिन पहले बोल रहे थे कि उस दरिन्दे बलात्कारी इरफान ओर आसिफ मुल्ले को मंदसौर जिले में दफन करने के लिए जमीन तक नसीब नही होगी।
ओर आज वही जेहादी परस्त वामपंथी सुवर रोड़ पर उतर आए उन दरिंदो को रिहा करवाने के लिए।

अब क्या करोगे।😢😢😢😏😠😠😠😠👇👇


Original Photo (Source: Jansatta) –

The real placard reads “We won’t tolerate any attack on our daughters, stop this torture”
The one behind reads “Hang the monster”

Jansatta wrote


“*हिन्दुओं निवेदन है । कि अगर #शंभु #रैंगर बनने का साहस नहीं हैं । तो बेटी होते ही मार दिया करो ।।*✋🏻😔

*तुम्हारी नपुंसकता का परिणाम उसे झेलना पड़ता है ।।*✋🏻😡

Another of his post was in support of a murdere Shambhu Ranger who burnt a Muslim man alive made a video and uploaded on net which was much in news. So Ritesh wrote “If you don’t have the courage to become Shambhu Ranger i.e a murderer, then kill your daughter on birth. She may have to suffer because of your cowardliness”



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