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Was $100000 given away at Diamond Market, New York as celebration of PM Modi’s victory ?

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A video is viral showing a man is throwing Currency notes in air while mob around him collecting them. It’s claimed as $100000 given away at Diamond market in New York as celebration of PM Modi’s victory. This has been viral since yesterday claiming “Happened Today” i.e 23rd May 2019 – Declaration of Indian Loksabha Election 2019.

Viral Text along with the video –

“Happened today on 47 street ( Diamond Market) New York one businessman given away $100,000”

“Happened today on 47 street ( Diamond Market) New York $100,000 given away.πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌin ref to modi victory .. see how this millionaire Indian doing ..”



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This video has nothing to do with the election results and victory of PM Modi or even India.

This was uploaded on YouTube on 15th May 2019 i.e. a week before the Election results were announced

The video is by an artist TheGod Joe Kush who make such music videos showering money in the air.

You can see the same event, but from different angle and closer look


There are two man who are throwing the money into the air and both are wearing clothes which looks like what Hip Hop artists or Rappers wear. Both are dark skinned which most of the rapper and hip hop artists are (Eminem is a brilliant exception though)

Photos from the same event


They did the same at Times Square also in the evening, i.e. after Diamond Market





More such Videos of showering money by TheGod Joe Kush




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