Did Australia put up a communal signboard on it’s border ?

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A photo is viral which shows a road sign board in two parts with ” YOU ARE ENTERING AUSTRALIA. WE HAVE OUR OWN LAW SYSTEM WHICH IS NOT SHARIA LAW. OUR WAY NOT YOUR WAY. DON’T LIKE IT ? PACK YOU BAGS AND LEAVE” written on it.

The image is viral with he following text “क्या हम भारतीय इन ऑस्ट्रेलियाई की तरह सीधा सटीक खरा बात कहने का ताक़त रखते हैं??🤔🤔 ओह🤦!! मैं तो भूल गयी और ने दुनिया में का झंडा गाड़ने का ठेका लिया था और हम मिट जायेगें पर झंडा गाड़ कर रहेगें ”

Translation “Can we Indians not say plain, simple truth like Australians ? Oops, I forgot, Nehru  & Bapu took the contract to establish secularism in the world, we Hindus might be wiped out but they will establish it.”

One twitter handle with name “Amrita Kaushalya” ‘s tweet had 93 retweets.

A Twitter handle in the name “Raigad Speaks”‘s tweet had 321 Retweets

This is viral on WhatsApp also


This actually is photoshopped/edited. It’s a Road Train Warning Sign

This was made by and posted first on a Facebook Page named “Freedom Of Speech Productions FSOP”. The Page is run by Australian Right Wingers and have posted many such memes.

You can sport ‘FSOP’ Logo on the images tweeted by Indians too.

The point here is, Indians are being challenged that if Australians can, why can’t we but Australians didn’t. The image is Fake.


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