Did Trump tweet that “Some oldies will have to die”?

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A viral tweet by the United States President Donald Trump is making waves on social media. The tweet is as follows:




Many angry citizens took to the platform to express concern over the president’s tweet.

In a poll taken to understand whether the netizens thought the above news was fake or not, the following was observed:




The above tweet is fake. While going through Donald Trump’s official Twitter handle, it was observed that on May 8th which is the date mentioned in the image, there was no such tweet posted on his page. While going through many of the posts, it was observed that most of them quoted a website named ‘Patheos’. Following the link, the source of the image and subsequent article was found here. A screenshot of the same is follows:

On scrolling down, the article was tagged under Satire.

Therefore the above tweet is fabricated and is false.


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