Why let one encash your faith ?

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Well, yes you believe in something. Sounds good. But then what threshold should your belief have ? Should it be blind that someone can make use of it without you even knowing it while you drift in a dream world with a fake sense of satisfaction and contribution ? Should it be so blind that you might end up doing something which your god never wanted e.g. riots, killing people ?


This whatsapp message has been viral for months and why ?
Because it makes you think your vote matters while it doesn’t.

You may ask again so why would someone do this then.

Well, the answer lies on the page itself. The advertisement banners underneath the fake poll.

To begin with the bottom line itself exclaims it’s not affiliated to any political party or government which means it’s a just a page, so your vote actually doesn’t matter.

If your vote should matter, it will be on some official government website without such advertisements.

The options are only a Temple amd Mosque, none for School, University, Hospital etc. which again clearly means to one behind the website want to use only religion.

Infact the first sentence itself traps you. “Very less vote for Rama Mandira”. Oh, so you get very upset & angry, immediately vote and share ? Well someone is laughing on you on the other side. Their goal is achieved.

“Very less vote for Rama mandira. It’s a shame for us. Please open the link and vote. Fast. Forward it your beloved people 🙏https://goo.gl/GdA4kk


Just now voted..
Mandir 43.2 % ; Masjid 52.5%


Pl vote…”

So request you guys not to vote here, not to share that website. Rather share this post so people don’t fall for it.

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Spread the truth:

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