A mock-up design of TIME cover featuring Donald Trump viral

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An image of what appears to be the cover of Time magazine has gone viral on twitter. The image claims to be a cover page dedicated to US President Donald J Trump with the page header as ‘TIME….to go’.


The image of what claims to be a Time magazine cover has the US president exiting through a door with the header ‘TIME…to go’. The following picture is viral on twitter under the hastag #timemagazine. The image is being circulated with different captions.


The following image was tweeted by ‘Covfefe “Shecky” Jones- King Of Shade’ and has 120 retweets and 291 likes.


The following image was also tweeted by the verified account of author Shobha de on 25th May with the caption- ‘Pure Brilliance’, and garnered 162 retweets and 810 likes.This was tweeted by Jo in response to a tweet by Donald trump on 20th May and has about 29 retweets and 139 likes.


This was tweeted by Jo in response to a tweet by Donald trump on 20th May and has about 29 retweets and 139 likes.


The claim is false. TIME magazine did not make any such cover photo of magazine, this is a mock-up image. There are many factors that contribute towards the truth. Most magazines and newspapers have a defined stylesheet which is used for their various issues. Time too has it’s standard design which rarely is compromised with, especially the ‘date of issue’ and ‘time.com’ stamp. The viral image is missing the issue date that is generally present on the top right corner of other TIME Magazine covers. It also doesn’t have Time.com on the bottom right side, which is the case with all covers for TIME magazine. For reference, the following image is the cover photo of the latest issue of the magazine which will be issued on June 1st 2020.

Here is the link to the tweet of this cover page by verified page of Time Magazine.

Time magazine maintains ‘The Vault‘ which is an online archive for all it’s magazines.

These are all the issues of 2020 and the following vault doesn’t contain any issue with the cover of the viral image. Hence the image is a mock-up and not an original Time Magazine cover.

Time magazine puts up posts for it’s upcoming cover. The following tweet is of the upcoming issue and clearly it is not about Donald Trump.

Hence the claim that it is a Time magazine cover is false.

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Avani Pai

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