Can AAP win Bawana by Photoshop ?

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While Photoshop has been doing miracles, making beautiful photo even more so but then people do use it for all sort of reasons too. A knife can cut an apple but can kill too.

Since years Photoshop has been a part of Politics and never cease to part.
Alka Lamba, an AAP MLA from Chandani Chowk Tweeted such Photoshopped image showing a lead of AAP in Bawana election. The tweet was at around 11 PM yesterday, got 108 retweets and now has been deleted, no reason, no acceptance, no apologies given at all.


The Photoshopped image is a proof of laziness. Whoever did it should have taken more care, more details. The idiocy of alignment of boxes, the text, all are clearly noticeable.

This fake photo was posted by many supporters too –



This later was debunked by ABP themselves

The Original Photo is from an ABP Survey about Uttar Pradesh CM held before UP elections in 2016 –

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Spread the truth:

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