RBI is not banning 2000 notes replacing it with 1000 notes.

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A message is viral like a wild fire stating Rs 2000 note is being replaced by Rs. 1000 notes and can be exchanged from bank only till 31st December 2019.

Following is the viral message –

“Rs 2000 out, Rs1000/- finally.
Reserve Bank of India Releasing new Rs.1000/- notes on 1st January 2020.
Reserve Bank taking back all the Rs.2000/- notes.
You can only exchange Rs.50,000/- So, kindly start changing your 2000/- notes immediately.
After 31st december 2019 you cannot change your Rs.2000 notes.

We have been inquired about it’s truthfulness by many

Also Photos of Aajtak channel program is viral claiming the same



We spoke with RBI spokesman and he denied such rumors. There is no such information/notice/circular on RBI’s official website.

Further, all messages has a like to a website newstracklive but the article is either deleted or wasn’t ever there.

Livemint also cleared it

“No proposal to stop circulation of 2,000 currency notes: Government

  • Anurag Singh Thakur stated that there is no such proposal with the Government
  • Citing the Annual Report of the Reserved Bank of India, the Minister further stated that the share of value of 2,000 denomination banknotes in circulation to the value of total notes in circulation was 31.18%”
    Source – Livemint

About photos of News Channel –

Aajtak runs a program Viral Sach in which they clarify Viral messages on Social Media. So the photos taken from the program are merely from the first part where they were explaining what’s viral which they clarified later in the same program.

Check their complete video

The letter lookalike on VRL Transport company letterhead probably also is a result of this hoax.

A similar Hoax was viral last month an computer generated image of Rs 1000 notes claiming it to be a leaked image, and that it’s starting from 1st Jan 2019 which was fake and debunked


Is this really the new 1000 Rs note to be launched on 1st Jan 2020 ?


Featured Image Source – Reuters

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