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A video of obscene dance by small Cuban students in school brew an outrage in 2016.

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A video is viral where small students in school uniform are dancing is sexually provocative manner, Many boys girls were dancing obscenely with each other, in pairs too.

The text along with he video reads –

“ये संस्कार सिखाये जाते है कान्वेंट स्कूलों में”

Translated: “Such values are taught in Convent Schools”

Following tweet was retweetd and quoted approx by more than 800 people. The tweet now has been deleted but you can click here for archived copy

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Details –

This form of dancing is called Twerk

dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.
“just wait till they catch their daughters twerking to this song”

Few screenshots from the video –

The video is neither from India, nor recent, nor this dance is part of regular teaching in convents, this rose a huge outrage among parents.

This ‘incident’ took place in Cuba, Year 2016. The video was taken by  father ‘Jorge Luis Pérez’ of one of the boys in the video. He posted it on his Facebook profile which resulted in huge numbers of shares and views which outraged parents as why such innocent kids are dancing so obscenely.

The parents blamed the school for this while the school inversely said that parents are responsible for it as they learn this at home.


Daily Mail reported in April 2016 – 

Outrage over shocking video showing young Cuban children twerking and dancing provocatively in their school uniforms – but some parents are proud of the display

  • Video was filmed in the central Cuban city of Camaguey, east of Havana 
  • It was reportedly posted by a father of one of the children Jorge Luis Pérez
  • It has been watched tens of thousands of times since it was uploaded

A controversial video showing young children in school uniforms dancing provocatively and twerking has been posted online – sparking outrage.

Filmed in the city of Camaguey in central Cuba, 300 miles east of Havana, it has now been viewed tens of thousands of times.

Jorge Luis Pérez, a father of one of the boys in the video and Camaguey resident proudly uploaded the footage of his son ‘showing off his moves,’ local media reported. 

Two girls, whose ages are not known, are seen dancing with two of their male classmates, replicating the moves seen on music videos.

The girls are seen twerking and grinding against the young boys and bending down on the floor.

At one point, the two girls even fight over one of the boys after the other disappears and he falls on the floor as they each pull at him.

The original Facebook video has taken down, but other versions are circulating on social media and have been watched tens of thousands of times – leading to fury from social media users.

Ricardo Hernandez wrote on Facebook: ‘Already we have gone back to brothels and prostitution in Cuba in this age – wow. Where are the parents and the school principal and what moral principles are they teaching in that school? The school is trash.’

While Isa Monzon wrote: ‘They teach them, then complain about the prostitution and rape it’s a shame what, but what is today’s childhood?’

Nancy Miranda wrote: ‘And I can tell you that none of them could say their multiplication tables, but they can lap dance. Where are the teachers??? And the parents???’

But Rosa Telon said: ‘Don’t blame the teachers. Where are the parents of those kids what a shame. That is why the world like this. Because of the parents of these kids.’And Wendy Romero wrote: ‘Childhood has now been ruined with that kind of music, if they were my daughters to I would belt them to make them move. That’s terrible.’

While Sonia Navarro simply wrote: ‘Demeaning’.

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