Viral Image of Muslims offering Namaz on rooftops in groups is not from India

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A viral image of a group of Muslims offering Namaz on rooftops has been circulating in social media. Several social media accounts have posted the image with a caption reading,“ये मजहब से वफादारी हो सकती हैं परन्तू वतन से गद्दारी है।”, when translated, “They might be loyal to their religion, but  they traitors to the country”. 


The caption does not mention the location, but by tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Indian Police Forces, it indirectly targets the Muslims in India.


Indian Film Director, Vivek Agnihotri tweeted the image with a caption, “Any idea where is it? #Quarantine”. This garnered over 20.3k likes, over 6k retweets and over 9k people talking about this particular post.



Several people have posted the photo on Facebook implicating the post is from India.



This claim is false, although the images are real but are not from India.

This photo is not from India. An Arabic website “HowiyaPress” also used the image in its article published on April 13, 2020 stating the photo was taken in Kuwait. We couldn’t ascertain the location.


However, Alt News claims the image to be from Dubai by using Google Reverse Image Search, Google Map and cross checking with the tall building seen in the background of the image to be similar to that of Dubai’s Architectural Heritage Department.


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Netra V

An aspiring journalist from Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication.