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Viral picture claiming parrots sitting on grain bag during COVID-19 lockdown is actually old.

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Claim: “ऐसा नजारा फिर कभी नहीं मिलेगा जो लाॅकडाउन में देखने को मिल रहा है ।”

Translation: “You won’t get to see these scenarios that are to been seen during the lockdown.

Pictures of a group of parrots sitting on a huge pile of grains are going viral on social media,


This particular post has been shared for over 6.9K times and reacted by people for over 10eK times



Soon, a lot of people started posting and sharing the images,



It was also widely shared on Twitter,





After doing a Google Reverse Image Search and Yandex search of the viral images. We came across a blog page named ‘Nature Forever Society Blog‘.

After scanning the blog page, we came across a blog written by Vivek Rathod, titled, ‘My Travel with Birds of a Feather’, the blog can be read here.

The pictures were apparently clicked by Vivek Rathod and uploaded on the same blog six years ago, which is in the year 2014. 



Along with a few pictures clicked by him,




The author of the blog describes in his blog that his friends and him set out on their bikes towards the west from Vishakapatnam and got to see these birds in a tiny rice mill along the way,


As far as the second image is concerned, it has also been floating on the internet. It was uploaded on a meme page, ‘Fun Substance, ‘ a year ago



To be more clear, the pictures have been floating on the Internet for a lot of years. A page named, ‘World Amaze’ uploaded the image on their page in May 2014.




Therefore, it is established that the pictures are on the internet from 2014.

The claims that the images of parrots on a pile of grain bags were clicked during the lockdown due to COVID-19 is completely false. It is to be noted that the pictures were uploaded in 2014, and have been circulating on the internet ever since.

Rhea Binoy

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