Video of Mufti going against lockdown order is not from India

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A video of a man addressing a group of people has become viral on social media. He tells the public,in his speech that if the government is restricting entry of more than five people inside mosque to offer namaz, people are willing to give their lives. Though the location of the video is not clearly specified, many people have posted the video on Facebook and Twitter. This left several citizens wondering if the video is from India.

The caption with the video said, “ये कौम सुधरने वाली नही है, केवल एक ही इलाज है| एक मोटी लाठी इनके पिछवाड़े में होनी चाहिए। सुनिए इस जिहादी की धमकी, कैसे सरेआम सरकार के आदेशों को मानने से इंकार कर रहा है,”. This translates to, “This community is not going to change; there is only one treatment that should be given- a thick stick should be put in their back. Hear this Jihadi threat, how they are refusing to obey the orders of the government!”.


This one minute thirty five second video was posted on Facebook on April 13 by the Facebook profile named Karamveer Chamar Hindu Yodha garnered over 15K shares and over 137K views. Apart from that profile, several others have also shared the video on Facebook with the caption mentioned above.


Similar posts were also seen on Twitter.



The claim is FALSE. It is not from India, but from Pakistan. The man in the video is Mufti Kifayatullah, leader of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F). Several news organisations published that a large number of people had gathered for a funeral in Mansehra, Pakistan last week. This was were the Mufti addressed the crowd.

A longer version of the same video that was shot from another angle was uploaded by YouTube channel “Mufti Kifayatullah Official” on April 7. The viral part of this speech can be heard in this video.


A Tweet was found regarding the arrest of Mufti after the speech and confirming that the video is from Pakistan.


Several media articles also confirmed his arrest.

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