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Video of a shopping mob from Pakistan shared as “no social distancing” in Hyderabad

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A video demonstrating Pakistan’s shopping market in Faislabad is made viral to claim that residents of Old Hyderabad are shopping in crowded bazaars. The claim primarily throws light on how people are moving around flouting social distancing norms amidst Coronavirus outbreak.

Claim: Crowd with no social distancing at a shopping center in Old city (Hyderabad).

Another claim: Social distance norms gone to digs for these pissfuls in old city Hyderabad.


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And while the above-mentioned posts state this happened in Hyderabad, there are few more posts which use the same video with a different caption, claiming that this shot has been taken in Delhi.

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Video can be viewed here


The same video getting viral even on Whatsapp, claiming it is Hyderabad.


This video is from Faisalabad, Pakistan, Not Hyderabad or Delhi.

On breaking the video into several keyframes and using each of these on Reverse Image Search, we found that this video before getting viral in India was viral in Pakistan on various platforms, especially Twitter. The claim which projects that this video is from Madina Market in Hyderbad stands false as the tweets viral in Pakistan clearly depict that the same has been taken at Anarkali Bazaar in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Below mentioned are a few tweets which demonstrate how people on being provided with some relaxation in Pakistan have started hovering to shop.

This is one of the first posts which clearly shows that this video has been taken in Pakistan.

Following post is posted on 18th May, the earliest we could find by a Facebook Page named “Humans of Faisalabad


A Journalist from Pakistan tweeted

It is quite viral on twitter and can be viewed here.





On looking at the video carefully, we found a board with the name of the shop written in Urdu. By translating it, we found that it reads – Aini Shoes.

By looking for a shop’s name on google maps, we found out that this shop exists and has the same location as Pakistan’s market and given with the video. Here is the exact address of the same:

Apart from the above mentioned, when you closely compare both the videos you will see that the structure, type of shops and boards look way similar in both which clearly proofs that the video is from Anarkali Bazaar of Pakistan. You can watch the original video of this market here.

Another post from Pakistan depicting the same on Youtube: similar video of the same market
















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