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Neither the girl was beaten in UP, nor her caste was the reason. It’s from Gujarat, caught after eloping with her lover.

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A video is viral where few people are beating a girl brutally, pulling her hair while many others are looking on.

Viral text: “यूपी के रामराज्य की घटना है ऊंची जाति के कुएं से पानी निकालने वाली एक दलित महिला को ऊंची जाति वालो के कुएं से पानी भरने की सजा देते ऊंची जाति के लोग!!”

Translation: “An incident from Ram’s rule in Uttar Pradesh. A schedule caste women fetch her bucket of water from a well meant from higher caste people, and this is why she is being beaten as punishment.”


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UP के सोनभद्र बीजपुर की घटना! अनुसूचित जाति महिला ने सवर्णों के कुयें से पानी क्या भर लिया! सवर्णो ने घेर कर महिला को मारा ! वाह रे जातिवाद !!!
इसी को कहते हैं रामराज्य और ब्राह्मण राज्य जागो बहुजन मूलनिवासी समाज के लोग उठो और ब्राह्मण बात को जमीन में गाड़ दो सभी समस्याओं की जड़ ब्राह्मणवाद है




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The brutal incident of a mob beating a minor girl took place in Gujarat, not UP in May end 2020. The girl was caught after eloping with her lover and was beaten (wrong of course) for this not as viral messages claim. This has nothing to do with casts as claimed in viral message.

“A 16-year-old girl in India has been brutally beaten by three men in front of her father as a ‘punishment’ for eloping with a man.

Footage appeared online of the defenceless teenager screaming in agony as she is dragged by her hair and repeatedly thrashed while a crowd gathers round to watch. 

Police said her attackers inflicted the beatings, which took place in the remote Bilvant village in Gujarat’s Chhota Udepur district, as a form of punishment.”



The girl was also forced to carry the boy on her shoulder. Listen to the incident in the following video




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