Unfortunate death of a kid and it’s truth.

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In an unfortunate incident, a 8 year old boy Mohammad Azeem died on 25th October 2018. Immediately many used the word “Lynched” for the tragic incident.

Many online portals used the word “Lynched” –


The Citizen

Sabrang –


These articles were followed by few popular names having verified twitter handles –

Shehla Rashid tweeted

CJ Werleman tweeted

CJ Werleman has posted Fake earlier too which was debunked by SMHoaxSlayer

A verified twitter handle, CJ Werleman spread lies for communal hatred.

Juhie Singh, Spokesperson, Samajwadi Party tweeted  –

Shama Mohamed,  National Media Panelist-Indian National Congress. tweeted

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Truth –

Caravan Daily Edited their 25th October 2018 article which went viral


An earlier version of the report had used ‘Lynched’ in headline.  The error is regretted.  Delhi Police have confirmed that Azeen died as a result of a scuffle between two groups of students. –Editor

On 29th October 2018

Caravan Daily Clarifies

Caravan Daily had earlier reported, based on the accounts of madrassa students and teachers and activists from the United Against Hate group offered during a Facebook live video, that Azeem had died after being assaulted by a group of youngsters and falling over a bike. However, in hindsight, the word ‘Lynched’ in the headline of our report was perhaps a bit hasty and out of place. The error is deeply regretted. We strongly believe in speaking truth and upholding the highest principles of fair, honest and responsible journalism. –Editor

“Lynching” ?

The word “Lynched” according to Cambridge Dictionary means –

If a crowd of people lynch someone who they believe is guilty of a crime, they kill them without a legal trial, usually by hanging (= killing using a rope round the neck).

In this incident, it was a scuffle between two groups of boys, where Azeem fell on being pushed and his head hit a Bike parked there, He died of Internal injury.

While Lynching means a mob or a group of people beating ‘someone’, it can be seen the Azeem was not alone

Following are few screengrabs from the CCTV Footage –

Check the following 26 second long CCTV video footage of the incident –


Times of India published on the very day of the tragic incident as “Scuffle” while others claimed as hate crime and lynching


Following is reported by TOI, what father of deceased Azeem said


AN Online portal, NewsLaundary published a detailed article with ground reports. You can read detailed report here


More False ones –

PS: For proofs all data has been taken from the various credible sources with due credit, SMHoaxSlayer is not responsible if anything is wrong with those credible sources reports.

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