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An old video is viral as Indians in Spain celebrating building of Ram Mandir.

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A video is viral on social media in which a group of boys and girls in India attire using Dhols and other Indian musical instruments while walking on streets with others looking on.


Tweet by Roop Darak BHARTIYA, BJYM Telangana State Official Spokesperson has been retweeted approx 2.6K times.
Roop Darak have tweeted Fake News many times earlier, you can see the list at the end of this article.


The tweet by Punam Keshari, has been retweeted  2.1K times





The video is two years old, not recent. This happened before the Supreme Court’s decision on Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

The video was uploaded on YouTube in Oct 2018. This event was held in Lloret de Mar, Spain


Swargandhar Dhol Tasha Pathak” is a group of young boys and girls who try to spread our Indian culture internationally. They performed this in Spain on their International Tour in Spain in 2018.

Below is their official video with complete details.

A smiliar #FakeNews was viral in 2018 also


Earlier Fake News by Roop Darak

Video of Police beating people is neither related to CoronaVirus nor from Spain.



Old Video from Texas shared claiming that crows aren’t allowing customers to leave supermarket in Saudi.



He tweeted a video with a question –

A 4 year old video of Waris Pathan threatening the police is viral as recent, from Lockdown.



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