Were photo of potholes laid on Canadian roads to slowdown the cars ?

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A set of photos has been viral for few years posted by well known pages, winning thousands of shares.
While below two photos huge potholes on road claiming situation of roads in India, top two photos showing a man laying out a sticker/photo of potholes on good road claiming it to be from Canada, stickers being used to slow down the cars to prevent accidents.



Is our Country really so bad ? Or Indians think so ? Or are made to believe in it by these money making Facebook pages using Fake News ?
A Photo has been viral for long, more than 2 lakh shares because people believe in sensational stuff, don’t care for truth at all.

It’s an advertisement campaign of  car suspension

It’s quite clear in the photo that it’s India.
1. Two Bajaj Auto rickshaws can be seen on left. Do they run it in Canada too? The place probably is Western Express highway in Mumbai, Goregaon East.

2. Vehicles are running on left side which again proves it’s not Canada.

This actually was an advertising Campaign for a Pioneer Suspension, who make suspensions for automobiles. It’s also written on the photo

Laughing Colours is showing our country in bad light to sell t-shirts and get more likes. Above 1 lakh Indians have been fooled already.

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