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These clips are not from Kim Jong-un’s funeral

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Multiple videos are being shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter which claim to be of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s funeral.

Rumours have widely been spread about the leader’s death with viral videos and images. The videos are from the state funeral of Kim Jong-il. The image shows the man covered in a red blanket and with his head resting on a pillow which is similar to Kim Jong-il’s image.


These viral posts made false claims about Kim Jong-un’s funeral and were widely shared.

The post has been archived here.


Even tweets about the same has gone viral.

The tweet can been seen here and is archived here.


Same video has been circulating on WhatsApp as well with caption that says “Live: Confirmed North Korea Dictator Kim Jong UN is Dead”


The video being shared is from 2011 when North Korea’s former leader Kim Jong-il passed away in December 2011.

The video on Facebook had a watermark of the news agency AP. AP Archive channel on YouTube had shared the whole video of Kim Jong-il’s funeral in July 2015. Here are the two images in comparison. The above image is from the AP Archive from 2015 and the below image shows the Facebook video with false information.

The viral image along these fake lines of stories shows a man covered by a red blanket and with his head resting on a pillow. This image is manipulated and edited.

The image, credited to Japanese news network JNN,  closely matches a picture from his dad Kim Jong-il’s funeral. It has the same low angle, ceremonial pillow and flower arrangements behind his head – suggesting the younger Kim’s face and shoulders have been superimposed. In the collage given below, the first above picture shows Kim Jong-il at his funeral in 2011 and the below picture shows Kim Jong-un’s edited picture.


Reports from The Sun also confirm that these viral posts are giving out false information.

Therefore, these videos and image are fake and does not confirm Kim Jong-un’s death.

North Korean leader Kim’s recent absence from public view has brought in a lot of speculations about his health. He was last publicly seen on April 11th 2020. He even missed the April 15 commemoration of the 108th birthday of his grandfather, North Korea founder, Kim Il Sung.

However, top South Korean officials on Tuesday said their government knows his whereabouts.

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