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Delhi’s robbery video is falsely shared as migrants attacking residents

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A clip of a man being ruthlessly attacked and robbed is getting shared on social media claiming that the accused are migrants trying to kill a man for some money. The video demonstrates three men, two of which follow the third one (victim) and attack him suddenly in broad daylight. While one holds the victim from his neck, the other tries to snatch away his belongings. The two are then seen running away, leaving the victim in a conscious state.

“लॉक डाउन में सड़क सुनसान है, ऐसे में सावधान रहें कई गैंग ऐसे में लूट की फिराक में है 14 अप्रेल को दिल्ली के बलजीत नगर में घाट लगाए एक गैंग ने एक शख्स के गले को चौक कर उसे लूट लिया, पर्स मोबाइल लूटकर फरार, एक आरोपी गिरफ्तार। पीड़ित अब ठीक है।” the claim reads.

Translation: Lockdown has hit and to the most to those who had been surviving on daily wages. People, in a situation like this, are advised to stay indoors and extra attentive to avoid getting trapped in such robbery related crimes.

This video is floating on various platforms with different claims. While one of them is the above-mentioned, here is what the other claim reads:

“A video shows two men robbing a person on the streets of Delhi at night. This video is being shared with false claims of the robbers being migrants and that they are robbing because of their desperate situation lead by the coronavirus lockdown in India. It shows two men attacking the man from behind and then robbing his belongings.”



Another similar incident has surfaced from Delhi’s Majnu Ka Tila, where two people are seen robbing a man. It is said that these crimes are committed by migrants and not the residents of the city. Both cases have taken place in an analogous way, the difference lying only in the areas of the same city.

In some posts, the claim is asking people to strictly stay indoors as migrants in groups are roaming around in search of people to rob and kill them for money and jewellery.



On investigating, we found out that the accused as claimed are not migrants but residents (minors) of the area. On asking the local police, we got to know that the victim is alive. His death is only a false claim, made viral through various other posts with the same video, howbeit, with different captions some stating that he was left to die right after the accused slipped away from the snatching scene.

The local police officials stated that the robbery took place on the 14th of April when two people tried to attack a man to snatch away his belongings. It is a general case of robbery and theft and the accused have been booked on the charge of the same, several times in the past.

The two attempting the crime are minors and not migrants. Since they have been charged multiple times for the same incident in the past, the police officials are able to recognize them and their history also clearly states that they are residents of Delhi and not migrants who have, recently, amidst the testing times of Coronavirus have started to make a move from one city to another.

As per Boom Live‘s investigation- Piyush Jain, the assistant commissioner of police, Delhi Central District clearly stated “The incident is from April and the accused stole the victim’s mobile phone and fled the scene.” “The accused and victim are locals from the area and are minors.”

Kashish Arora

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