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A Surat’s video of Muslims breaking Lockdown is viral as from Dariyaganj targeting Delhi CM.

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A video is viral in which many Muslims are seen roaming around on a crowded street claimed to be from Dariyaganj, Delhi, breaking #Lockdown

Manjinder S Sirsa, National Spokesman, Akali Dal, tweeted ” दिल्ली के दरियागंज का हाल देखिए @ArvindKejriwal जी – Social Distancing की धज्जियाँ उड़ाकर आप दिल्ली के हर निवासी को मौत के मुँह में धकेल रहे हैं मुख्यमंत्रीजी समय रहते संभल चाहिए और अपनी ज़िम्मेदारी समझिए

Translation: See the condition of Delhi’s Daryaganj Mr. @ArvindKejriwal – You are pushing every resident of Delhi to death by blowing away the social distancing. Chief Minister should be careful in time and understand his responsibility”

The tweet is deleted not but had almost 4000 Retweets and now it’s screenshot is viral on WhatsApp.







The viral video is from Surat, Gujarat, Not Dariyaganj, Delhi

Muslims broke the lockdown rule and came out for celebration at Madina Masjid in Surat on 26th April 2020.

A Twitter user “दुर्योधन” tweeted the video claiming this to be Madina Masjid area, Limbayat, Surat quoting which Harsh Singhvi said that case has been registered against those


ये सूरत का मदीना मस्जिद एरीया है, देखिए

सर, आप भी देखिए

सर, मदद करने का इनका जज़्बा. #Corona की कैसे मदद कर रहे है.. कोई तो रोक लोCrying face

#Covid_19 #Bring_PopulationControlBill

Harsh SInghvi, MLA: Majura(Surat), National Vice President: BJP Yuva Morcha (BJYM), said
“Limbayat Police has already registered case. On basis of video footage Police has started arresting Those who has broken law.”


ANI tweeted

Gujarat: Several people gathered for shopping in Limbayat, Surat amid #CoronaLockdown. RB Brahmbhatt, Surat CP says, “There is a Madina Masjid in Limbayat where the population is very dense, people gathered there for shopping. 3 offences registered, arrests being made”. (26.4.20)


This is the same place where Stone pelting took place in January 2020 against CAA protests.


We went a step ahead and compared the current viral video from the January 20 stone pelting video and found both to be exactly from the same place

You will find the similarities like same shops, buildings, windows etc from the video below (Watch from 2:05)


In the following Comparision, the top part is screenshots taken from current viral video and the bottom part is from the video of stone pelting in CAA protests in January 2020 in Surat, Madina Masjid

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