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This video from 2019 is falsely linked with Cyclone Nisarga

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Claims: An old video has been shared as the ‘eye of the cyclonic storm Nisarga’. This was shared news outlets like CNN News 18 and Firstpost news on their official Twitter handle but it was soon deleted. Now, users on social media platforms have started sharing the same video with the caption, “Visuals from eye of the cyclonic storm #CycloneNisarga”. The clip shows a waterspout in the sea.

The video shows comes after the news of Cyclone Nisarga hitting Gujarat and Maharashtra came out on Wednesday.


Below are the screenshots of Firstpost and CNN News 18’s tweets which was captioned, “Visuals from the eye of #CycloneNisarga”


Journalist Abhijit Majumder also shared the same video and later on attributed the video to CNNnews18.


Twitter users started sharing the same video with wrong claims.


The same video was being shared on Facebook as well.

The archive can be seen here.




The same video was posted on Instagram as well with caption that read, “Minutes before the landfall of cyclone Nisarga”


After doing a reverse image search from keyframes from the video, an old video from October 2019 was found on YouTube. It mentioned that the video is from Goa.


Another video on YouTube from 2019 was discovered which establishes the place as Bambolim. It was titled ‘Tornado at bambolim beach Goa 2k19’.


According of news reports from the Hindustan Times, Goa did face Cyclone Kyarr in October 2019. It said, “Heavy rains accompanied by squally winds have battered Goa and much of the west coast since Thursday as Cyclone Kyarr moves along the west coast.”

On comparing the viral video to the ones uploaded in 2019, we can see that the videos are the same. In the collage below, the first above mentioned video is the old video from 2019 and down is the viral video with false claims of being of Cyclone Nisarga.

The video was later pulled down by respective news outlets stating that it was an old video.



Hence, although the location of the video is not confirmed through any reliable source, it is still confirmed that the video is old from 2019 and is not linked to the Cyclone Nisarga of 2020.

Rujuta Thete

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