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Old Kumbh Mela video viral claiming to be related to Palghar incident

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After the Palghar incident where two Sadhu’s were lynched under wrong suspicion, a video went viral on Facebook in which thousands of Sadhu’s can be seen.

Text with the video – क्या ? महाराष्ट्र सरकार यह तूफान रोक पाएगी !
Translation – Can the government of Maharashtra stop this storm ?

This video was being shared under the claim that the Sadhu’s are agitated with the whole incident and are marching towards Maharashtra to get justice for the deaths of the former.


On 20th April this video went viral with the caption- क्या ? महाराष्ट्र सरकार यह तूफान रोक पाएगी ! ( Translation- Can the government of Maharashtra stop this storm?) along with the following hashtags- #Maharashtra #PalgharNews #PalgharLynching #Saadhu, this video claimed to be the response of agitated Sadhu’s who are now storming to Maharashtra to get justice for the Palghar lynching that happened on April 16th.


The following video was shared on facebook under the user name Durganand Kr Sinha and has 104k views and 1.9k shares. This video was widely shared between 20th and 21st April.


The following post shared on 21st April garnered 321k views and 6.1k shares.

This video again resurfaced on Friday with 2k views and 75 shares.


Along with this video another post with two photos was being shared around the same time with the claim that Sadhu’s in the image are getting ready to come to Maharashtra after the lock down gets lifted on May 3rd.

Following two image are viral


Above 2300 shares –

Link to the post





The claim is false. This video dates back to 2019 Allahabad Kumbh Mela and has no relation to Palghar lynching. This video was uploaded on Youtube on April 19, 2019. Here is the link- Youtube

1. Video Clip

This video was also viral in January during CAA protests –


The viral video is from Last year, Prayagraj, 2019 Kumbhmela –



2. 1st Photo

Photos on google reverse image search lead back to the same event.

At the bottom right you can see the website of a photographer – Poras Chaudhary


3. 2nd Photo

This photo is 7 years old, dates back to 2013 Kumbhmela


None of these photos and video are related to the unfortunate Palghar Sadhus Lynching

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