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Unrelated images of a woman being attacked by RSS for attempting Sehri for a Muslim girl are being shared with false context.

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Two images are being shared together on Twitter and Facebook. These images are claimed to be of a woman who was attacked by RSS members for preparing sehri (a pre-dawn meal consumed before fasting for the day during the month of Ramadan) for a Muslim girl in Kashmir.

Claim: “The RSS goons has attacked on a Hindu woman who attempt sehri for a muslim Kashmiri girl in recent days. India is occupied by RSS.they have full control over media,judiciary,law enforcement & national securities. Would this country remain stable if this remains carried on.!!!!”














On performing a reverse image search with both images separately, we found that each of the photographs was taken at different times.

The first photograph of a woman making Sehri food for the Muslim girl is recent. It has been shared multiple times on Twitter, with the text “Ramzan Mubarak. Waqtay Sahar. NO VIRUS can deter us from sharing, caring, mutual love and respect.”

The date stamp on this image shows that it was clicked on April 25, 2020. We used a date filter on the reverse image search to check if the image existed at an older date and didn’t find anything.

The tweet also mentions that the source of the image was ‘predumangoja’ on Facebook.

Searching for that name on Facebook led us to a profile by the name of Preduman Goja, who posted this photo on April 25, at 03:47 AM, six minutes after the time indicated in the image. He also tagged his family in the post, including a Bimla Goja who is the woman in the photograph.


India Today also fact-checked this viral post (link) and contacted Mr Goja, who said that the woman in this image was his wife and the other woman in the viral post was not her. He clarified that his wife was not attacked.

He added that they wake up early to serve the girl sehri because it is the month of Ramadan and she is stuck away from home due to the lockdown. Their families have known each other for years.


The second image shows an injured, old woman. When we used a reverse image search for this image, it returned multiple results. One of these results showed the hashtag #khambat on Twitter. After investigation, multiple tweets dated February 23 and 24, 2020 were found with the same hashtag, showing the images of the woman in question, as well as other injured people.

Translation: In Khambat (Gujarat), Muslims attacked Hindus.

Hindu children had gone to play on Dargah land.

And some of our seculars want to make them our brothers.

Those who don’t let your children play, what will they be thinking about your sisters and daughters?

Seculars, there is still time to be Hindu.


A keyword search of ‘Khambat injured woman’ led to links of news reports (Times of India) (Yahoo News) of communal violence in a communally sensitive area of Akbarpura in Khambat, Gujarat.

Riots broke out in the area on February 23, where thirteen people were injured. This incident occurred a mere month after another communal riot in January, where one person succumbed to a bullet wound.

The image of the injured woman is therefore related to communal clashes in Gujarat in the month of February earlier this year. The Islamic month of Ramadan started on April 23 this year, and the photograph of the woman making a Sehri meal was taken on April 25.

TV9 reported the same incident with interviewing the same woman –


These are two unrelated photographs, and both the women are different people. The context under which both images are being shared is false.



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