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The viral video of a woman being pulled out of a dirty road ditch is from Delhi, not Prayagraj.

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A video is viral showing few men helping a woman getting out of a filthy ditch on the side of a road claiming it to be from Prayagraj, UP.

The video has been shared on many social media platforms, mostly on Twitter though.


Following tweet by a Parody handle of Prakash Raj has been tweeted by approx 2300 + people by now

He wrote

ये कोई नदी नहीं उत्तर प्रदेश के प्रयागराज जिला की सड़क है

Translation: “This is not a river but is a Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj DIstrict road”


A Verified Page of “All India Parisangh” also posted the video as reel






The video is not from Prayagraj, UP but is from Begumpur, Delhi

The frame wise reverse image search got us the results of the tweets made last week using the same video, all of them claimed the location to be Begampur, Delhi.


On looking at the video closely, we found a a part of the name of a Hospital with “ality” before it which probably meant “Multi-speciality Hospital”.

We search for the hospital in Begampur and came across “Hira’s Multi-speciality Hospital” which matched the one in the viral video.

In the below comparative image you can see the common point. The above photo is a screenshot taken from the viral video while the below is the image we found on Internet. Although the other two in the viral video weren’t in the Internet image i.e. “Fashion World” and “Sahil Fitness Club”. So we called up The Hospital and asked if they can tell us about their neighboring shops to which they rightly replied about the both.
The image uploaded on internet by Hospital is 2 years old, as you can see Year 2020 is written on the bottom right.

Further, on digging more we found a Facebook post by Sachin (मुख्य सलाहकार, सदैव जन विकास जन कल्याण रेजिडेंट वेलफेयर एसोसिएशन बेगमपुर ) who claims to be a Cheif Advisor, Sadaiv Jan Vikas Jan Kalyan Resident Welfare Associaltion, Begumpur

The video posted by him is  much longer and of higher resolution (hinting to be original/uploaded first)

He wrote

#जय_हिन्द_जी आप सभी माता, बहने और भाईयो से निवेदन है कि #बरवाला_रोड से संभल कर निकले आज दिनांक 23/08/2022 हमारी टीम बरवाला रोड में एमसीडी द्वारा कार्य देख रही थी तभी एक बहन जी जो सिविल सेवा की तैयारी करने लाइब्रेरी जाते समय नाले में गिर गई ये #स्थानीय_नेताओं और #अधिकारियों की करतूतें है आज तक इनको समस्या नहीं दिख रही थी थोड़ा बहुत अधिकारी काम करने लगे तो जेसीबी के सामने खड़े होकर फोटो शूट शुरू हो जाता है आप लोग पिछले 2 साल से कहा थे जनता को जवाब दो🙏

Translation:#Jai_Hind_Ji Request all of you mothers, sisters and brothers to take care of #Barwala_Road, today on 23/08/2022 our team was looking after the work by MCD in Barwala Road, only then a sister who went to the library to prepare for civil services. This is the handiwork of the local leaders and officers who fell in the drain, till today they did not see the problem, some officers started working, then standing in front of the JCB, the photo shoot starts, you guys had told the public for the last 2 years. give 🙏


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