PM Modi’s photo was not hanging in the Auto Driver’s home where Delhi CM Kejriwal had his dinner.

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Recently Delhi CM Kejriwal had dinner at an Auto driver’s home in Ahmedabad on being invited. A photo is viral with PM Modi’s photo circled hanging on a wall above others along with Delhi CM Kejriwal and others in the house claimed to be of the Auto Rickshaw driver who Kejriwal for dinner.

Wasim R Khan (President,Bharatiya Janata Party -Mumbai Minority Morcha Member CWC |Chairman Waqf Devolopment Committee |Ministry of Minority Affairs ( Govt.Of India )) tweeted –

“केजरीवाल जी जिनके घर गए वह लोग तो @narendramodi  जी के दीवाने निकले केजरीवाल जी को मामूँ बना दिया!”

Translation: “The ones to whose home Kejriwal went came out to be fans of Narendra Modi, made fool of Kejriwal”



The viral image is edited digitally with PM Modi’s photo morphed on other’s

Below is the original image with the place pointed where PM Modi’s photo was morphed.

Kejriwal tweeted the photo, the left and bigger photo shows the actual frame.

Top Left photo in the AAP’s tweet below



More Fake tweets –





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