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A clash between TMC and BJP workers in WB is viral as citizens protesting against BJP in Bihar.

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A video is viral on Social media claiming just as soon as Nitish Kumar disassociated himself from BJP, common people of the state attacked BJP volunteers for issues like inflation etc. It starts from few people attacking a Rickshaw with BJP flags making announcements with speaker and leads up to inclusion of more included in the clash.


Ahmed Khabeer, Editor of The Jamia Times, related this video to Bihar.

“It’s not even one day the alliance ended and BJP receives its share of Hatred in return. #BiharPolitics”


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Text with the video –

*अभी तो शुरुआत है, आगे लंका दहन बाकी है….!!*🙈🙉🙊😳👇
🫢मंहगाई के फायदे बताने के बाद जनता ने दिया प्रसाद
Translation“This is just the beginning, burning Lanka is due. Public gave prasad for telling them the advantages of inflation.”

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The viral video is from West Bengal, a clash between volunteers of TMC Vs BJP, not a common man’s protest in Bihar as claimed

The announcer is speaking in Bengali, and Bengali script can be seen in may places e.g. the loud speaker on the rickshaw, the banner on the Petrol Pump

‘Shame’: TMC MLA Asit Majumdar’s clash with BJP workers prompts fury, Opposition leaders slam Mamata Banerjee govt

The BJP workers alleged that the MLA and his supporters beat up the participants of the rally without any provocation

Kolkata: BJP leaders in West Bengal lashed out at the Trinamool Congress on Friday, accusing ruling MLA Asit Majumdar and his supporters of beating up have been accused of beating up their party workers in West Bengal. The altercation took place in the at Khadinan More in Hooghly district’s Chinsurah during a BJP rally, with a now viral video showing member of both parties in a heated exchange.
The BJP workers alleged that the MLA and his supporters beat up the participants of the rally without any provocation.
The TMC however insists that the legislator was heckled by BJP supporters. “They stopped my car and heckled me after which our women workers intervened,” claimed Majumdar, a three-time MLA from the area. He insisted that he had confronted the BJP workers as they were making wild allegations against the TMC.
The incident has prompted outrage in the BJP camp with several political leaders hitting out at the TMC lawmaker. “Yesterday Asit Majumdar – TMC MLA from Chinsurah, Hooghly – thrashed a BJP karyakarta for campaigning democratically. Those who questioned NHRC India’s post poll violence report, citing ‘law of ruler, not rule of law’ in Bengal haven’t seen Mamata Banerjee‘s goonda raaj,” alleged LoP Suvendu Adhikari.
Re-sharing a portion of the video that shows the lawmaker briefly hugging one of the women in the fray, the BJP leader dubbed Majumdar an ‘uncouth pervert’ who would have to “pay for his sins in the foreseeable future”.

Source: TimesNow


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