The Pak journalist, Hamid Mir lied yet again. Tweeted a year old video claiming as of 16th Aug.

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A Pakistani Journalist, Hamid Mir, tweeted a video claiming to be of 16th Aug 2019.

He wrote This is a latest video (16th August) of Jammu & Kashmir,suburbs of Srinagar where Indian Army used 4 detained Kashmiri boys as human shield to “defeat” some stone pelters some boys in jeans raising anti India slogans and brave soldiers abusing them saying “throw stones now”

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This video is a Year old. This indeed is from Jammu and Kashmir but from June 2018.

ABP News ran a story on this video then

जम्मू-कश्मीर के पम्पोर में जवानों ने 4 पत्थरबाजों को ही बनाया मानव ढाल,वीडियो वायरल | ABP News Hindi

This video was also tweeted on 18th June 2018 by

Ahmer Khan, a journalist tweeted on 18th June 2018

Last year he also posted a video claiming Indian Soldiers are torturing Kashmiri civilian which ironically turned out to be Pakistani soldiers.

Mr. Pak Journalist, the irony is on you.

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