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Mr. Pak Journalist, the irony is on you.

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Ironically It’s Pakistani soldiers, not Indian, in a chilling video, horrifically beating a man pinned down on a cot. It’s a torture difficult to watch for people.

Hamid Mir, a journalist based in Islamabad tweeted the video which had more than 9500 Retweets
His bio says –
Journalist and author. Carrying two bullets in my body as souvenir from the enemies of media freedom
Islamabad, Pakistan  – G News Network, claiming to be Pakistan’s Largest News Portal

He tweeted
“Look at this torture in Kashmir and see who is making this torture? One can understand that why India is not ready for talks with Pakistan? Yes Pakistan will definitely ask about this torture”

He claimed this video is  from Kashmir hinting it’s Indian soldiers who are torturing Kashmir civilians and said this is why India is not ready to talk with Pakistan and so Pakistan will ask India about this.

A Pakistani Pop Singer, Rabi Pirzada also quoted his tweet and called India coward.

She tweeted
“I am sure no indian will support this… humanity comes before nationality… stop this torture in Kashmir… ask us what do we want? We are in 2018 for God’s sake. Anything can be settled on table talk. Don’t be a coward to avoid dialogues…”

Many more have shared this video (Check the list in the end of the post)



Ironically it’s Pakistani soldiers who are beating the man pinned down on cot.

It’s clear in one frame of the video where a soldier is holding the man down on cot. The part of uniform on his chest has Pakistani flag

(Only brightness & contrast is modified in the screenshot below taken from the same video to make things look clearer as the original was dark)

Zoomed –

Pakistan’s flag –

You can watch it in the video clip from 17 seconds to 21 seconds

Further, the same video was viral in July claiming Pakistani army torturing Balochistan’s civilian

Verified account of Sher Mohammad Bugti, Central Spokesman of BRP, The Baloch Republican Party tweeted the same video on 5th July 2018 i.e approx 3 months ago

He tweeted

Please Have a glance: inhuman and degrading treatment of cruel #PakArmy physical torture of innocent #Baloch student. Plz, act trough, General Assembly resolution 39/46 of 10 December 1984. in accordance with article 27 (1) @unhcr @hrw @UN @UNHumanRights

Official Account of Sher Mohammad Bugti, Central Spokesman of BRP, The Baloch Republican Party.. Struggle for Freedom of Balochistan


Many more also tweeted then claiming this to be Pakistani soldiers torturing Balochistan people –

PS: It’s not confirmed that who is the man whom the Army is beating, if he really is a civilian or some criminal/terrorist, if he is from Balochistan or anyone else. The point is the soldiers torturing him are Pakistani, not Indian soldiers. So the point Journalist was trying to prove that Indian government is not open to talks as their army is torturing Kashmiris turns out to be a lie.

There are more versions of the video on net

Some claimed this is a thief caught by Pakistani Police – 


Some claimed it’s Pakistani SSG training



More Fakes –

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