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People dying on streets from Corona in Italy and no one to pick their bodies ?

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A photo is viral showing many people lying on the ground claimed as dead bodies of CoronaVirus victims in Italy which no one is ready to pick up.

“जिनको कोरोना मज़ाक लगता है वो लोग गौर करें। यह इटली शहर है।जहां लाश उठाने को कोई तैयार नही।”

Translation“The one who think of Corona as a joke must see. This is an Italy City where no one is ready to pick up the corpses”




The photo is neither related to Corona Virus, nor is from Italy, nor are the people in the photo dead.

The people are alive, but lied down on ground as a part of an art work in Frankfurt, Germany 6 years ago i.e. 2014

“People lie down in a pedestrian zone as part of an art project in Frankfurt in remembrance of the 528 victims of the Katzbach Nazi concentration camp, US first lady Michelle Obama practises tai chi with pupils at the Chengdu No. 7 High School during her visit to the Sichuan provincial capital, and more …” – SCMP

Reuters Archive with photo details

26th March 2014 Tweet –


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