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The disturbing video of burnt corpses viral as Birbhum, West Bengal violence victims, is actually of a two year old accident.

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A very disturbing video is viral which shows many corpses lying on the road, burnt with a crowd on the scene trying to help. The video is claimed to be from West Bengals, the dead being victims of the recent Birbhum violence.

Since the video is too disturbing, we would not be including it here but the screenshots will have the links to the source.





बंगाल में हिंदुओं की जली भुनी काली लाशे देख रहे हो ना मीडिया की खामोशी देख रहे हो ना अभी तक न कोई न्यूज़ पेपर ना ही कोई न्यूज़ चैनल इस पर कुछ बोला है आज से 30 साल बाद कोई इसपर बोलेगा तो उसको उस समय के लिब्रांडु प्रोपोगेंडा बोल देंगे बस कश्मीर में भी यही हुआ था इतिहास से सबक ना सीखने वालों को इतिहास दोहरा दोहरा कर इतिहास सिखाता है”



The viral video is two years old from an accident in Odisha, a passenger bus which caught fire.

On reverse search we found a tweet made in Feb 2020.

Further, on looking closely, we found a website painted on the bus.

DJ Gaadi is a Bus Ticket booking online Portal based in Odisha

ANI tweeted about the accident –

Odisha: At least 6 persons dead and around 40 passengers injured after the bus they were travelling in caught fire after coming in contact with 11 KV live electric wire in Ganjam district, Brahmapur. Injured persons have been sent to MKCG Medical College and Hospital.


Times of India reported –

“BERHAMPUR: At least nine people were killed and over 35 suffered injuries when a bus caught fire after coming in contact with an overhead power transmission line near Golanthara in Odisha’s Ganjam district on Sunday.
The Chikarada-bound bus coming from Jangalpadu came in contact with an 11 KV power transmission line, resulting in the casualties, police said.
The passengers were on their way to attend an engagement ceremony in a nearby village.
Locals rushed to the spot to rescue those trapped inside the bus.
Police and fire service personnel also reached the spot and rescued the passengers.
The injured were admitted to MKCG Medical College and Hospital in Berhampur.
Chief fire officer Sukant Sethi said, the blaze has been extinguished and all those inside the vehicle have been rescued after snapping power supply in the transmission line.”


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