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A 2017 video of a drunk cop is viral as change in Punjab after the results of 2022 election.

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A video is viral showing a man in Punjab Police Uniform unable to get up, seemingly drunk.

The text along with the video claims the change in Punjab has begun. This became viral after the results of Punjab elections being declared which AAP won with Bhagwant Mann in a Chief Minister to be.

Viral Text –पंजाब में बदलाव शुरू हो गया

Translation – Change has begun in Punjab


Deepak Mishra, claiming to be Member of Lucknow BJP working committee“.

Deepak Mishra is followed by prominent verified twitter handles like “Piyush Goyal Office” and many

Twitter handle by the name Rosy wrote “Bhagwant Mann AAP Rule Starts in Punjab”

Rosy is followed by any prominent and verified people too like “Piyush Goel Office”, “NSitharamaOffice”, “Major Surendra Poonia” etc.


A handle by the name “Ashish Jaggi” wrote “When your CM is Pegwant Mann”

The handle above is also followed by “Piyush Goel Office”, “Kapil Mishra” and others



The same video along with the same claim is viral on WhatsApp too. We have received the query from 5 people, asking for the truth.


This viral video is of the drunk cop is from year 2017, i.e. 5 years old so is not relevant with Bhagwant Mann or AAP.


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