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Stone pelting on the train was due to a fight between rival student gangs, not due to disturbance in Namaz.

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A video clip is viral showing a small mob pelting stones on a train falsely claimed as Muslims doing so because of the train’s horn which disturbed them in reading Namaz.

Viral Text – “ट्रेन के होरन से इनको दिक्कत हो रही थी नमाज पढ़ने में इसलिए पत्थर फेंक रहे है”

Translation“They were having difficulties in reading Namaz because of the train’s horn so they are pelting stones”


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This was due to a fight in between rival students gangs and not related to religion/Namaz.



“A fight broke out between two rival student gangs at a railway station in Chennai and one of the gangs began to pelt stones at a train, causing panic among passengers on Monday.

The rivalry between students from Pachaiyappa’s College and Presidency College has turned ugly on several occasions.

On Monday, students from the two colleges once again clashed near Perambur railway station.

The incident took place when the Presidency College students were travelling on the Thirupathy Express and Pachaiyappa’s College students were travelling on the train which was on its way to Arakkonam.

Students from Presidency College allegedly behaved in an unruly manner and forced passengers to complain and get the train stopped.

Then they got down and began to pelt stones at the train travelling towards Arokkanam, targeting Pachaiyappa’s College students, which led the train driver to stop the train. Then, a fight broke out between both groups.

The incident was recorded by a few passengers who were panicked by the stone-pelting.

The Sembiam Police initiated an investigation and based on the video, detained 15 Presidency College students for questioning.

Further investigations are underway.” – India Today

Please note, the same video is in the India Today article above.


The video was posted on the same day the incident happened


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