It’s a Zombie Halloween Dress, not Syria !

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A shocking photo is viral resulting in large number of shares showing a kid holding a part of hand covered with blood claiming this photo is from current attacks on Syria and the kid is holding his Mother’s hand.

“Heart wrenching pic ….
when i saw this pic at first , i was like how cute is this boy and the way he has spread the chocolate on his face .
But then i came to know it is not the chocolate but the blood . Actually he is holding a hand of his dead mother in Syria . May Allah help the Muslim kids All over the world and in syria .
Aameen summa Aameeen

“ये तस्वीर सीरिया की है जहां एक बच्चे के हाथ में हवाई हमलों में मर गई अपनी माँ का हाथ है। 18 फरवरी से सीरिया के दमिश्क इलाके में विद्रोहियों के कब्जे वाले क्षेत्र में हो रही बमबारी में अभी तक 519 लोगों की मौत हो चुकी है जिनमें 121 बच्चे भी शामिल हैं । ये तस्वीर दुनियां में मरती इंसानियत का सबूत है . युद्ध और बर्बादी ही पूंजीवाद का विभत्स चेहरा है”

This photo is almost 7-8 years old, a kid dressed as a Zombie for Halloween.

zombie noun [ C ]

uk /ˈzɒm.bi/ us /ˈzɑːm.bi/

(in stories) a frightening creature that is a dead person who has been brought back to life, but without human qualities. Zombies are not able to think and they are often shown as attacking and eating human beings
This photo means, the kid is pretending to be a zombie eating human flesh, i.e. hand.
This dates back to Year 2010
Buzzfeed published an article in 2013 about Halloween dresses including this photo.

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