The Curious Case of Gurmehar Kaur.

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The Curious Case of Gurmehar Kaur.
Characters: @mehartweets @RandeepHooda @virendersehwag @Voice_Of_Ram

What was & what wasn’t.
Do read till the end before getting offended & using your mother tongue.

So what are the scenes you saw and what did u miss ?

Did you hear the name “Gurmehar Kaur’ in 2016 ?
No, You came to know about her few days back because of Virendra Sehwag & Randeep Hooda.
And how you may ask ? She was holding a placard with “Pakistan did not kill my dad, War Killed him”.

Now being Indian, Pakistan is such a despicable name to all of us, that our blood boils, we jump out of bed, log on to facebook, tweet fiercely with anger. But do we ever hold our breath and think over what did we receive on whatsapp is complete truth ? No, because these hatred & it’s misuse is the reason of our blindness.

So we are stuck to the first part only “Pakistan did not kill” & the anger is poured on social media with filthiest swear words, rape threats to sarcastic output, jokes, images all over the net.

Well, here it all got messed up, chaos, full media TRP.

May be you were stuck in traffic, you missed the best part of the movie my friend. She despised Pakistan more than us, because we didn’t loose anyone, she did.
That part, that particular placard which started all of this was not her words but her mother’s.

The original unedited Video which you missed:

Video Timeline –
00:52 “I also remember how much I used to hate Pakistan & Pakistanis because they killed my dad”
01.20 “My mother held me back and made me understand”
01.29 “Pakistan did not kill my dad, War Killed him”

I salute the guy who found that particular placard, recognized it’s potential of misuse & milked it well. That guy is the director and deserves an Oscar. Damien Chazelle gave us only a musical while this one is full of violence, emotion, comedy & tragedy.

Now, if that statement is of last year’s video, why is it being used now ?
Simply because this time Gurmehar herself dared & stated on placard “I’m not afraid of ABVP” and so the movie begun.

I couldn’t find if she somewhere supported Umar Khalid, all was her stand against ABVP who protested against Umar Khalid which also is OK but using violence, beating up teachers whom our culture equates to our parents is not in good taste. And because of this Gurmehar dared to stand.

If Umar Khalid is Anti National, and she is supporting him, I certainly will despise too, but this was nowhere to be found.
Just standing against ABVP doesn’t prove her to be supporting Umar Khalid. You or me hating Pakistan doesn’t make us China supporters.

The video was about peace. Is this wish for peace so gross and sickening, so Anti National ?

Haven’t our country been trying for peace forever?
Samjhauta Express in 1976, Delhi Lahore Bus in 1999 in which Vajpayee ji himself travelled. (Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delhi–Lahore_Bus)
Modi ji paid sudden visit to Nawaz Sharif on his Birthday (Source: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/pm-modi-lands-in-lahore-on-a-surprise-visit-meets-pak-pm-nawaz-sharif/)

So why does this girl asking for the same makes her Anti National ?

Let’s checkout the Characters:

Gurmehar Kaur:
She is daughter of Martyr Captain Mandeep Singh. When Ram approached her with this concept, she liked and volunteered. Believing in that idea she repeated the same in Ramdas College chaos. She dared.

Copy Paste of what she told me in chat-
I’m not from Canada
I don’t have petrol pumps
I’m extremely clear
I’m a national level athlete
I scored extremely well
My teachers form LSR came out in my support for a reason

Ram Subramanian:
He is a creative guy. Last year he ran a campaign “Profile for peace” (Source: http://m.timesofindia.com/india/Peace-call-goes-viral-I-am-an-Indian-I-dont-hate-Pakistan/articleshow/49522993.cms)
This campaign solely belongs to him where Gurmehar Kaur was a volunteer only.

It was his view & idea to achieve peace between Hindustan & Pakistan through talks instead of resorting to war, although it didn’t give any solid solution. With so many of our soldiers dying on border, civilians via terrorism, can this be solved merely by talks ?

Virender Shewag:
As explained earlier, that particular placard boils our patriotism harmone, and I believe same happend with Shewag. He didn’t see the video, he saw only that placard and out of anger he used his usual witty feedback. A placard for a placard makes whole country blind.

If he did see the video, then it’s quite shameful.
And if the logic thrown to twist the facts is to be followed than you may apply the media story that Shewag earns through tweets. (Source: http://zeenews.india.com/cricket/virender-sehwag-says-he-has-earned-around-rs-30-lakh-through-his-tweets-in-last-six-months_1965679.html)
Further using same logic, his love for pakistan also defies his tweet (Source: https://youtu.be/Lt5DHnPZKUE)

Randeep Hooda:
My basic observation is he too also fell for half truth, just one placard of Gurmehar, countered by Sehwag sarcasm and Randeep also quoted it. Didn’t see the video or understood the meaning.

But following their logic again, Randeep’s mother Asha Hooda is a BJP politician, to which ABVP relates. (Source: http://m.imdb.com/name/nm0393535/bio)
Check out his few peaceful tweets:
1. https://mobile.twitter.com/RandeepHooda/status/499886930725982208
2. https://twitter.com/RandeepHooda/status/585797953719140352
3. https://twitter.com/RandeepHooda/status/585781975601917953

Now that the movie is about to end, let’s dwell into the climax, the half Truth, half Lie news you received on WhatsApp which actually now is the only source of information for people still looking for GPS Nano Chip by holding 2000 Note against sun.

This message claims few points.
1. This all was done by Arvind Kejriwal.
No, this was Ram Subramanian’s campaign. But yes Gurmehar Kaur and Ram Subramanian both do support AAP. About the photo with AAP leaders, not credible for this particular script. People take selfie or photos many famous personalities.

2. Gurmehar holds a Canadian Passport.
No, I had a chat with her and she said she never had been to Canada, so certainly not Canadian Passport.

3.Martyr Captain Mandeep Singh didn’t die in Kargil War.
True, he unfortunately died at an HQ under Pakistani terrorist’s attack. As Gurmehar told me, it was 10 days after official closure of Kargil War. (Source: http://www.merasangeet.com/india/archives-remembering-martyr-capt-mandeep-singh/ Not credible though)

I’m not giving out any verdict here, layed the cards in front of you, showed you what you missed, another side of the coin.

Baaki aapki marji. Aapka din shubh rahe. Jai Hind – facebook.com/SMHoaxSlayer

PS: It’s all because of
half statement. https://www.facebook.com/SMHoaxSlayer/photos/a.147357335599672.1073741828.140690692933003/429841777351225/?type=3

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