TeleMarketing Scam

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Did you receive a call for unsecured loan or apartment or plot ? Our greed fools us. These are TeleMarketing Scams.

Why: Their purpose is to get our mobile numbers, which can later be sold to various business, builders, loan and policy marketers.

How: It’s quite cleverly planned. The key here is the compulsory clause I.e. sharing in many other groups.

In the name of “free” we all try our luck in such things. They understand our thinking. “Try karne me mera kya jata hai, kaum sa paisa lag raha hai, free hi to hai

It tells us we won something and asks us four our name/mobile number and address, and caught under temptation we give real ones.

Beauty of scam: Within just a day or two, they end up having Lakhs of phone numbers in their database.

It just cost them Rs. 99 to book a domain and point it to existing hosting, and they end up earning lakhs.

How to recognize? 

1. Check the domain name. If it’s in the name of Amazon, it has to be or, no spelling/extra character, special characters etc. Same for flipkart etc.

2. It shouldn’t have this compulsory clause to share in other groups.

Always keep checking and share this post so your friends and relatives also understand it.

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Spread the truth:

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