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A video from Bangladesh is viral as violence in India as voting results.

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A video is viral on WhatsApp and other social media platforms showing a mob violence on street captured from a building.

Viral Text :

“2019 में जिसे कमल चुनने में परेशानी हो वो भविष्य चुनने के लिये तैयार रहें। भविष्य का भारत आप देख सकते है । बंगाल में इस्लामिक टेररिजम की एक छोटी सी झलक पेश की है। देखने के बाद आगे जरूर भेजना । ताकि लोग जागरूक हो सके।।👇🏽”

Translation: “Whoever has problem in selecting Lotus in 2019, should be ready to choose future. You can see India’s future. Small trailer of Islamic terrorism in Bengal is presented. Do forward after watching do people remain informed.”

On January 09, 2018 a twitter user with the handle @gopugoswani tweeted a 2 minutes 20 seconds video of violence in street.

The video claimed that the violence was post elections and was a result of voting for the wrong candidates/party

The tweet read “A seen in your neighborhood sooner than you imagined….. Think before you vote! Your one wrong vote can turn this country into Islamic nation very soon @Swamy39 @ippatel @KapilMishra_IND @narendramodi @ShefVaidya @girirajsinghbjp @HKupdate”

In the comments section of the tweet, the user claims that this video is from Bengal.

Another user with the handle @jcsethi also posted the video, also calming it to be from Bengal.

Translation: Those who find it difficult to choose the Lotus (BJP election symbol) in 2019, are ready to choose their future. You can see the future of India. A glimpse of Bengal Islamic terrorism. Please forward after watching. So that people are aware of the situation.

The Truth

Both the claims are false. Neither it’s from India, nor did this happen after the last election result declarations.

This happened in Bangladesh, 1st Dec 2018.

This video is not even from India. It is from Tongi township of Gazipur, Bangladesh. It was posted to YouTube on December 1, 2018 by a channel named ‘News Network.’

The video has been cropped from timing 3:49 to 6:09 in the twitter post.

Here’s the original video:

The post is indeed fake and this is an old video from Tongi, Bangladesh. The video was taken during a Tabligh-Jamaat clash in the area.

Contrary to the claims that the violence happened post elections, the truth is that this video was posted before elections of Bangladesh. This was not related to election results in any way. This video was posted on December 1, 2018 whereas the elections were held on December 30, 2018.

More links to the true news:

Several photos from these news articles are also viral.

সাদপন্থীদের হামলায় নিহত-১, আহত ৫ শতাধিক

One killed, over 200 injured in Tablighi Jamaat’s factional clashes

From timing 3:49 in the video.

From time 2:12 in the video.

Videos from Bangladesh are often used as those from West Bengal in India as both these areas share the same language, Bengali. Both these areas also have a lot of cultural similarities which makes it easier to mislead the people.

The video garnered several retweets where users accepted it as true.


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