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Petrol price didn’t go up by Rs. 3 on 29th April as claimed in viral message.

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A viral photo shows two Petrol receipts (28th & 29th April 2019)  kept side by side as proof claiming petrol price went up by approx 3 Rs in a day and no ‘paid media’ is talking about it.

A tweet by Augustine Varkey has been retweeted approx 1000 times.

He wrote “Petrol prices went up by Rs 3/- yesterday !! No media is outraging ! When it was MMS the PM , Arnab Goswamy would have been shouting with 16 BJP Panelists !!!

Kamran Shahid’s tweet had around 335 retweets



पेट्रोल के दाम एक ही दिन में ₹3 बढ़ गए हैं मगर पैड मीडिया बिल्कुल खामोश है क्योंकि वह पैसे गिनने में लगी हुई है जो हमको सुपारी के नाम पर मिले हैं
अगर यही काम आम आदमी पार्टी ने किया होता तो अब तक 4 दिनों तक लगातार टीवी पर रोज बहस चल रही होती मगर पैड मीडिया तो सुपारी किलर है

Akhil Sarin Aap posted


The Receipts are from CHHOTALAL AND CO, Sanada Road, Morbi, Gujarat

SMHoaxSlayer called up the Mobile number printed on the receipt itself. The call receiver from CHHOTALAL AND CO told us that although the receipts are genuine but there hadn’t been any Price rise on 29th April. On being asked whey there is no difference in “product” or anything else which can show the difference between Regular and Premium, he said they haven’t updated it, because of which density shows same in both receipts.

He cleared that the left receipt of 28th April showing Price Rs. 70.57 per Ltr is for regular Petrol and the right receipt of 29th April showing Rs. 73.39 per Ltr is for Premium Petrol.

Rs. 70.57 – Regular Petrol
Rs. 73.39 – Premium Petrol

We also checked Indian Oil’s website and found that there had not been any fuel price rise on 29th April

We also checked Gujarat Petrol price changes in April 2019 and found the same.

Premium Petrol has High octane numbers and is costlier than regular petrol


“Xtra-Premium, Speed and Power variants of Petrol differs from seller to seller in India. They have much higher Octane Number or Octane rating over the regular petrol/gasoline. The Octane rating of fuel is a measure of how much the fuel can resist compression inside the engine. Moreover, It is the fuel’s ability to resist “pinging” or “knocking” during combustion inside the engine.

This octane number doesn’t have any much significance. In India, unleaded Petrol has an Octane rating of 83 to 87 points, and the Premium Fuels have an Octane rating of 91-94 points. However, the premium fuel is a necessity for vehicles with very high-compression engines.

Most of the regular vehicles are designed to run on 87-Octane fuel, but performance vehicles, such as those that use turbocharging or supercharging to force more air into the engine, might require higher octane fuel.

This is due to the fact that these vehicles undergo extreme pressure increase inside the cylinder which allows engine to generate more mechanical energy from the fuel + air mixture, run with higher compression ratios and more advanced ignition timing, which results in a huge gain in overall horsepower, thus requiring a premium fuel that could tolerate such high pressures.

Using a regular fuel in a bigger engine might cause the vehicle to perform poorly and may degrade its performance. It can also cause damage to the engine and your fuel economy will suffer too.

To the flip-side, using a premium fuel in a regular car might improve performance and mileage but under normal driving conditions, you’ll not get much benefit.
– Source: Automobs

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