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It wasn’t a gun but a microphone which TMC MLA pulled out.

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A video clip with a misleading claim that Trinamool Congress leader Rabindranath Ghosh pulling a gun against BJP ‘s Coochbehar candidate Nisith Pramanik at a local news channel 24 Ghanta program “Cross Fire ” has become viral on social media. The Twitter claim mentions “TMC MLA pulls out Gun during live TV debate. This is happening in India and we are talking of intolerance.” At the time of writing the article it has got 2,820 retweets and 2,691 likes.

A tweet by Piyush Singh had 2843 retweets


SMHoaxSlayer reviewed the video and found that a show of Zee 24 Ghanta ” Cross Fire ” was being held at Coochbehar. It was moderated by Moupia Nandy anchor of 24 Ghanta . In this show a heated altercation took place between Trinamool Congress minister Rabindranath Ghosh and BJP’s Coochbehar district candidate Nisith Pramanik. The altercation turned worse when Ghosh lost his temper after Pramanik said “What if I ask that his son is involved in women trafficking ? Have I asked that?”


Soon after this claim, Ghosh took the microphone and out of his anger he tried to throw the microphone to Pramanik. Nandy tried to ease the situation and controlled the situation. After that a complete pandemonium was seen with the audience disrupting the show.

Here is the YouTube link of the complete video:  Watch from 11:10 minutes


Anirban Choudhury, Editor in Chief Zee 24 Ghanta said “I have seen that this video is going viral on social media with a misleading claim. Its obvious from the video that Ghosh is not taking gun, he is taking a microphone. The misleading claim has been spread deliberately with malicious intentions.”

Screenshot of Ghosh holding the microphone and not gun.

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The Man who is well known for posting #FakeNews and just because of being caught many times have blocked SMHoaxSlayer on twitter – Dr. Gaurav Pradhan.

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