Old banner format resurfaces, shows Pakistani youth asking for hydroxychloroquine instead of Kashmir.

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A photo of protestors holding a banner saying “We don’t want Kashmir, give us hydroxychloroquine” is being shared across multiple social media platforms, as the drug is being used to fight symptoms of COVID-19 worldwide.

Claim: People of Pakistan holding a banner saying “We don’t want Kashmir, Give Hydroxychloroquine”











This image is edited. It has time and again resurfaced on social media. The banner that the people hold has been edited to show different slogans on multiple occasions in the past. The original photo shows the banner with the slogan “We want azaadi.” (Translation: We want freedom)


This has been previously debunked as the work of a specific parody account on Twitter, and the article can be found here.

Account suspend but is still around with usual old tricks


When we performed a simple reverse image search on the banner, it showed many results with different iterations of the banner. The oldest instance of the image’s existence redirected us to an India Today from a 2016 article about unrest in the Kashmir valley, where several youths raised pro-Pakistan and pro-Azaadi (freedom) slogans.



This image is often used with different contexts over time, and it remains fake.



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