This horrifying video of a tumbling airplane is not real.

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Typhoon Mangkhut has battered Hong Kong and China, millions of people have been evacuated.

An American actor, James Jordan tweeted a message wishing people in Hong Kong to remain safe but along with it, he also included a video showing an airplane horribly tumbling because of winds but coming down safely, suggesting a medal for the pilot of the plane who handled such tough situation.

Millions of people saw the video and by now more than 15000 have retweeted it.

James Jordon tweeted

“Hoping all my friends in Hong Kong are safe…. And all who have been effected by the terrifying typhoon This pilot needs a medal or something. True hero saving everyone”

This video was also posted by another handle on 4th Sep 2018



This actually is a combination of two different videos, This first part i.e. tumbling airplane is computer generated and second part, i.e. emergency evacuation of passengers is an emergency landing at Shenzen Airport, China

The Video is actually computer generated, It’s created by a CGI house MeniThings

It was first debunked by HoaxEye on 5th Sep


First part posted year ago on 14th June 2017

Second part of passengers evacuationis from Shenzen airport, two weeks ago


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