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No, Rahul Gandhi was not reading a Kannada newspaper in this photograph

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A three year old #FakeNews doesn’t seem to die. The photo resurfaces every year with same False claim. What Rahul Gandhi is reading in the photo is an English Newspaper with advertisement in Kannada, not a Kannada Newspaper.

A photograph shows Rahul Gandhi seated, reading what seems to be a Kannada newspaper.

Claim: “Rahul Gandhi reading Kannada newspaper ?? He is one of the rare species in the world for sure…”










Three years ago, it was a BJP MLA, C.T. Ravi, Culture and Tourism Minister, Karnataka who tweeted this and is still online.


This tweet was retweeted over 1,400 times and liked by more than 6,000 users.







The Newspaper Rahul Gandhi is reading is not in Kannada but is English.

The photograph is from 2017 when National Herald, a newspaper founded by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was re-launched.

We have previously debunked the same claim in 2017 when it went viral after the event.

Can Rahul read Kannada or was it English ?

Few screenshots of the video above of Inner pages of the Newspaper he is reading which proves it to be in English


The newspaper in question is not a Kannada newspaper, but an English one which has Kannada advertisements on front and back pages. You can see the inner pages of the commemorative re-launch edition of the National Herald here.

In an exclusive, SMHoaxSlayer received video of the same paper with all inner pages turned which proves the paper to be in English with Kannada advertisemtn on front.


A video of the re-launch event was found on Telugu news channel Sakshi TV’s YouTube channel.


Indian Express’s millennial content focused subsidiary, InUth published some high-resolution images from the event in an article.



Thus, Rahul Gandhi is not reading a Kannada newspaper, it is an English newspaper with Kannada advertisements on its front and back pages.




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